Monday, September 8, 2008

Publix Super Savers!

It's time for
Publix Super Savers!

Each Monday, I post my Publix deals from the current week and invite y'all to do the same. It is so much fun to see how much everyone is saving, so join in and share your deals!

This week I'm going to be a slacker and just post a picture and my totals. Actually, this shot is missing a few items that have were consumed before I could take the picture! To see links/sources for the coupons I used, check out the Publix with Printable Q's post and the Publix with Non-Printable Q's post.
Regular Price Total: $63.22

- $ 18.70 (Sales)
- $ 15.00 (Coupons)

Total Oop: $ 29.52

Saved 53%

What great deals did you pick up at Publix this week?

Leave a link here to your Publix blog post (and please link back to Fiddledeedee) so that we can all see your shopping adventures! Don't have a blog? Just post how much you saved this week at Publix in the comments section!


Becky said...

Nice work! I really hit up those Old El Paso bogo dinner kits, 'cause from somewhere I had these $1 off 2, so I bought like 6 of the things. I'm so pleased when I save a coupon and actually use it! Also there were a couple of coups in the 9/7 inserts for the Green Giant veggies that are 50% off. A good shopping day!

Thanks as always for your Publix posts!

tahsha said...

Well, I don't have a blog, and hubby is away for military training, so when we got home it was putting away groceries and putting kids in bed - way too late I might add- therefore, no time for a pic to link to this time. I did pretty good this week though. $174 worth for $12 in 3 transactions. A couple of deals I've discovered/rediscovered this week that I didn't see posted are as follows:
1. Free Dannon 0% 4pk. yogurt by combining the $1 q from and the $1 Publix q in a current flyer (it says "Take a peak into my Pyramid" on it and has a pic of a boy eating cereal and a food pyramid in the bottom right corner-one store had them in the pharmacy and the other had them in a display near the back to school shelves.)
2. Free covergirl +possible overage by combining 2 of the $2 cg Publix qs from the advantage buy flyer with the b1g1 lip product manny from the p&g for the $3.29 tinted lipslicks. or the $1 manny with the publix q for free eye shadow or eye liners.
3. Free +possible overage nail clippers or emery boards with the $2 Publix Revlon q in the advantage buy flyer.
4. I noticed the OEP crunchy taco shells had peelies on them for a free OEP seasoning wyb 2 OEP products - went well with the b1g1 sales this wk.
5. Oatmeal for .25 using the .50 manny from this wks. sunday paper along with the Quaker b1g1 sale.
6. Just for others who might be wondering - when using all of the q's you listed in your post the Horizon organic milk comes out to $1.59 a 1/2 gallon.
Thanks again for all the time you put into organizing this for all of us - I check in here every Wed. evening to organize my plan of attack for the week. Have a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

Can someone help me...Where in the world are the Publix Chinet napkin $1 off coupons... I know in the Summer Time savings flier.. right?? But where is it? I have looked high and low in several different publix the front where the rest of the fliers and recipe card things are. Am I missing something???

Heather said...

Here's how I did at Publix this week:

And then I found this too!

Thanks for seeing what other people did too!